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Dr. Jamie Tudor

We have been proud pet owners for 20 years with 2 beautiful dogs. They were the love and joy in our life. We lost our first dog in 2005 with old age, health problems and he was gently put down in the privacy of our home.

Dr. Tudor was first contacted by us a month ago when an emergency with our 2nd dog happened. Dr. Tudor was a professional and she understood our concerns and gave us excellent advice. We decided then, she was the vet for us, for our old girl, age and health was not the best and knew her time was soon.

We wanted our precious girl to have the same courtesy and comfort of home, passing in our arms as our last dog. No clinic for her or us.

The decision was made and Dr. Tudor came next day.

Dr. Tudor professionalism, calmness and gentleness treated our girl with loving care and compassion.

We are so thankful to Dr. Tudor and recommend her to all pet owners, who have to make the difficult decision of letting a loving family member go.

Sincerely  grateful,

Laurie Bayerle

Regina, Canada

We have been pet owners for 30 plus years.  In that time our pets, or shall I call them children, have been under the care of many good veterinarians.  Having said that Dr. Jamie Tudor is the best veterinarian we have dealt with bare none.

We have been dealing with Jamie for a number of years. In that time she has provided care to our pets in all aspects from routine examinations to cancer and many ailments in between. In every dealing she has proven to be competent, thoughtful, and compassionate.  She listens and understands before making a diagnosis. She always takes time to fully explain what we were dealing with and how to address the situation. She has gone the extra mile in researching alternative treatments. She has done everything and then more at times.

Jamie's concern and care for our pets, and for us, is evident in every dealing we have had. I can not say enough good things about Jamie. I can only be thankful that we found her and that she continues to care for our pets as if they were her own.

Rhonda & Harvey Stenz

Regina, Canada

Thank you so much Dr. Tudor...your kindness and compassion helped to make a very difficult situation, a much easier one.  You were patient with me and gave my Sammy a gentle transition into his next life.  I can't tell you how much that meant to me.
Thank you again.

Denise Webb

Regina, Canada

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  • "May 11, 2016

    I would highly recommend Vet to Pet and Dr. Jamie Tudor. In our family, our feline friends are our kids and Dr. Tudor always goes out of her way to give our family the best available care and treatment. Last year we had to say goodbye to our 17 year old cat and Dr. Tudor let him die with dignity as Blackie passed away surrounded by his family in the comfort of his own home."
  • "We still have 3 remaining cats and Dr. Tudor saved our fifteen year old girl as she was in stage 3 kidney failure. That was 2 years ago and our Princess is still going strong as ever because Dr.Tudor began treatment immediately. As a result Princess is her happy old self and is thriving at almost 17."
  • "In January of this year, our 6 year old boy Wally became deathly lethargic and began to drink a lot more water than usual. He had also lost a significant amount of weight in less than 2 months. Again, because of Dr. Tudor’s quick response, we found out that our Wally has Stage 2 Diabetes, insulin required. Since treatment in January, Wally is a thriving young 6 year old again and the overall treatment itself (Blood tests, urine tests, etc.) was a roller coaster emotionally and financially, but Dr. Tudor was there for us and Wally the whole time. The initial costs were definitely worth it as Wally is back to his crazy, wild self, and we hope that someday Wally will be in Remission."
  • "Our cats are healthy and alive because of our family Vet. Words alone can never express our heartfelt appreciation that we have for Dr. Jamie Tudor. She even texts us…how many Dr’s actually text their clients?! I wish everyone could be as lucky as us to have such an amazing Vet. From all of us, we say Thank You Dr. Tudor and we are happy that you are a part of our family."
    DeLee Mahoney, Blackie, Princess, Wally & Lola

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